At Baroness Family Law Consulting, we offer the following services:

Custody Evaluations

Basic, all-around custody evaluation, minimum 10 hours service, retainer payable at order placement. Includes collateral research, release forms, face-to-face interviews with parent(s)/guardian(s) and potentially important third parties, final formal written report disseminated to all necessary parties including the respective Orphans’ Court, attorneys, agencies, and clients; non-refundable $1,000 retainer. Fees for complex custody evaluations will be quoted upon need & time assessment; psychological personality tests administered and billed at cost

Home Evaluations

Completed for custody, adoption, probation and relocation matters within a 150-mile radius from the Wilkes-Barre, PA service area.

Start at $450/project

  • Included: Home visit, demographics, geographics, interviews of co-habitants, financial analysis, pictures, report with court case specifics
  • Background, state police and criminal checks extra at cost

Home Studies/Inspections

Home visit checking for suitability of current or potential future living arrangements

Starts at $250/project

  • Included: Home visit (announced or unannounced), demographics, geographics, digital pictures, written report with court case specifics

Supervised Visitation

Private or court-ordered: Starts at $50/hr

Consecutive hours: $25/hr

  • Available 24/7
  • Available in-home, in our office or at a pre-determined public location; safe child transfer guaranteed
  • Discounted or subsidized rates available upon court approval

Child Transfers        

Starts at $25 per transfer

Co-Parenting Plans

May include customized computer-generated schedules, electronic communication platforms and counseling or conflict coaching; quoted on case-by-case basis

Reunification Projects

Includes assessment of status quo, history and perceptions of all parties, counseling of all involved parties, supervised visits, visitation schedules, travel schedules, home evaluations, progress evaluations and reports, all as needed

Quoted on case-by-case basis

  • Single hours for consults, court appearance and mediation meetings: $140/hr.
  • Forensic Evaluation by psychiatrist and court appearance: $250/hr.
  • Mileage starting at 10 miles beyond W-B center city: $.055/mi.
  • Administrative fees: $55/hr

Out-of-court mediation available upon request

Other Services available upon request, such as:

  • Co-parenting plans
  • NVC and parenting workshops
  • Discernment counseling
  • Conflict coaching, etc.

Free consults available for attorneys, courts, agencies and interested parties; can be done in person or virtually.

  • All payments due in advance, three-day cancellation policy
  • All inquiries and communication held in strictest confidence
  • Evening and weekend appointments available upon request
  • Credit cards and payment plans accepted