About Us

No two custody evaluations, home studies or supervised visit scenarios are the same, and it is for this reason that Baroness Juliane von Schmeling created Baroness Family Law Consulting as an organization that helps connect lawyers with other professionals who can provide expert assistance. Our seasoned team has advanced degrees in social work and psychology, which allows us to offer full-service support services for custody and divorce litigation with one goal in mind: making children’s lives better, happier and healthier. Further, our team of professionals draws upon the expertise of others like doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, teachers and early childhood educators, trauma and addiction therapists and counselors, law enforcement professionals, IT experts, financial analysts, attorneys and various other experts.

At Baroness Family Law Consulting, owner Baroness Juliane von Schmeling oversees and evaluates each case. She is also generally the initial contact person, assigns the appropriate personnel, and prepares the analytical materials and reports with evaluations and recommendations.

Her and the team’s long-standing experience, education, analytical skills, common sense, and quest for intelligent, user-friendly solutions make Baroness Family Law Consulting a unique service provider in the field of family law. We are guided by a genuine concern for the long-lasting well-being of children affected by divorce and finding a solution that is clearly in their best interest. Our services are offered when and where they are most needed.

Baroness von Schmeling, our team, and partners rely heavily on detailed collateral materials and standardized questionnaires administered to a wide range of the child’s current and past social environment, including family, friends, teachers, caregivers and medical and psychological professionals.

We work on behalf of the courts, children and youth agencies, attorneys, or parents or grandparents, depending on the situation and the need. Our fees are reasonable, and services are provided on a flexible schedule. We offer an initial complimentary consult of up to 30 minutes, either in person or virtually. All hours are by appointment only; evening and weekend hours available.